let me explain why your stretch marks are beautiful

Nov 8, 2020
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hen I was younger, I believed that stretch marks where supposed to appear only on your upper outside thighs. That was all I had ever seen. All I had ever known. So when stretch marks started to appear on my thighs, almost down to my knees, and on my butt, I thought there was something wrong with me.

I grew up when social media exploded and my Instagram feed consisted of thin, photoshopped models and for so many years I was full of self hatred and shame for my body. For so many years, I viewed my stretch marks as something that was a defect. Something that was ugly. A flaw.

Today, in my eyes, stretch marks symbolize growth. Power. Perseverance. Beauty. Uniqueness.

"Stretch marks is our bodies unique way of expanding without breaking and tearing. I think that is beautiful and amazing."

Stretch marks are like lighting on our skin, like a miniature natural phenomena marks us as we grow. Accepting and learning to love my stretch marks was the very start of my self love journey, they were one of the first body complexes of mine that I learned to love and I am so glad I did, because it got me to where I am today and that has turned out pretty amazing.

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