Your body isn't flawed society is

Oct 21, 2020
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e asked Bella to tell us hwe thoughts on society and making women feel they are flawed. This is what she had to say.

I used to hide my cellulite. ⁣
I used to want to remove it. ⁣
I used to use creams and lotions to get rid of it.
I used to cover my legs with a towel as I walked down the beach.
I used to excessively exercise to make it go away. ⁣
I use to bawl my eyes out every time I caught a glimpse of my legs in the mirror. ⁣
I use to be consumed by the thoughts and views of society.

I thought I was flawed, ugly and disgusting.

I don’t have to angle, flex or distort my body in order to show my cellulite. I always have cellulite. I can’t hide it when I want too. It is apart of who I am. This is my reality. This is most people’s reality. This is my normal. So stop telling womxn that cellulite is not normal! ⁣

Now when I look at my cellulite i see it for what it truly is. ⁣
Beauty. ⁣
Love. ⁣
Acceptable. ⁣

Self love.⁣

You should not be ashamed of your cellulite! It doesn’t matter your weight, size or shape we all have cellulite. It doesn’t matter if people have more or less than you, cellulite is normal. I’m sick of hearing cellulite being labeled as a “flaw”. How can something that over 95% of womxn have be a flaw!

This is my body.

It is not a flawed body. It is just a body. ⁣

Skin doesn’t need smoothing. Skin is suppose to be textured. ⁣

Lumps and bumps don’t need removing. They make me unique. ⁣

Stop hating your body and obsessing over every little bump, roll, lump, fat, mark and scar. All the things you hate about yourself are things we all have! Your body is perfect! Your cellulite is beautiful. Your body doesn’t need changing, society does!

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