3 unbelievable tips that encourage self love

Aug 11, 2020
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Natalie Howard
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veryone struggles with self love. It is sad, but inevitable. We all experience low points that make us feel like we are not capable of getting out of bed, let alone reminding ourselves how amazing we are. What goes unnoticed is how self love can easily be incorporated into our lives in little habits each day. Simply adding these habits into daily routines will not only improve our moods and outlooks of ourselves, but create healthy habits to pass on to those we love. 

Thanking the Earth for waking you to see another day

Going to bed every night and waking up the next day is so normal to us that we do it without much thought. But not everyone is fortunate enough to wake up and see a new day. Even if it is not physically said, thanking mother earth for her gift of another day can be as easy as making your bed, doing some morning stretches, or reading a chapter of your favorite book. Letting yourself feel grateful that you get to have another morning and taking the time to relish in it reminds you to slow down and appreciate yourself.

Dedicate time to your passions

It’s very easy to lose motivation in the hustle and bustle of life, but there should always be time to focus on what makes your heart soar. When we find ourselves in a career that simply looks better on paper, we tend to forget about our passions. Dedicating an hour or simply thirty minutes can make your day so much better. Going for a jog, mastering a new recipe, or watching a tutorial on embroidery can bring positivity to dull routines and even give you something to look forward to.

Take time to wind down

When long days come to an end, there's nothing better than pulling the covers up and going to sleep,

nighttime calming masks be damned. But winding down is key to not dreading what tomorrow holds. Listening to calming music while brushing your teeth, drinking a cup of chamomile as you wrap your hair, even burning incense or lighting a candle (as long as you blow it out!) will help your sleep patterns in a tremendous way. Everything requires balance. Including self love.

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