Are you doing these to clear your skin?

Nov 11, 2019
Written by
Prunella Parisa
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t is no secret that having clear skin can motivate us to go about our days with more confidence. The feeling of cleanliness, knowing that you can look your best without makeup and maximize the potential of the canvas, is satisfying. Clear skin, clear mind. This is not to say that you are going to immediately have a bad time if a pimple pops up or if you are currently going through the hormonal teenage phase. Everyone has bad days and we all start from somewhere. As long as there is a start and you do your routines regularly, results will develop. Nonetheless, here is a small list of healthy habits you can add on to your current daily routine.

Drink water:

A lot of people struggle with this as the variety of beverages everywhere we go are increasing. This makes it more exciting to down some liquid. In an age of the rising bubble tea empires and the very low pricing point for fizzy drinks, it can get a little tricky to just consume regular water. Almost for the fact that there is not a kick to it because it has no sugar content, we have conditioned ourselves to believing that we need such a heavy amount of sugar in our drinks on a daily basis to function. High glucose causes insulin production. If the spike is steep, your body compensates that by releasing inflammation-producing enzymes that could aggravate your skin condition. So hydrate meaningfully!


Blood flow is crucial as it transports oxygen and nutrients to working cells. By exercising, your skin is receiving the nourishing it needs to heal and keep healthy. Getting the move on and being constant at it can be difficult in the beginning, so pick a sport that you like doing because that will encourage you to power through each session. For more motivation, bring a mate! Breaking a sweat could feel almost effortless if you are having fun.

Do not touch your face:

Especially when you already have a pimple, it can get really tempting to pop it and not care about the consequences. The scarring could take a while to heal, so prevention is the key to it all. Try to keep your hands clean at all times just in case your fingers get a little itchy. But the easier and more guaranteed way to see results is to just not have direct contact between your hands and your face, making sure that you are not transferring additional germs you have collected throughout the day.


Your skin will be exposed to all kinds of things and elements throughout the day, so it is important to have a protective layer. Talk to a professional or someone experienced to figure out your skin type. Does it get dry? Oily? Or both? From there, you can narrow your options down. Take note that not all moisturizers work the same way so reading reviews on the products beforehand is beneficial as well as testing them. Also, you do not have to break your bank for a good moisturizer; just be safe and not be so frugal about spending a little more for healthier skin.

By adding some of these habits into your daily regimen, you are bound to have healthier skin in no time. If there are any questions, feel free to send me a direct message on Instagram. Stay happy and healthy, ladies!