Find out why this lil Biird will make you sing!

Sep 8, 2020
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he other night I was using one of my toys that works by suctioning your clit, and I thought, “this is pretty good, but would be so much better if the toy both suctioned AND vibrated.” 

Well today I’m sharing with you a brand new toy called the Obii,


by the company Biird, that does just that. The Obii is pretty fucking awesome because it’s a 2-in-1 toy that both suctions and vibrates the clit. On top of that, it’s whisper quiet, so no getting cock blocked by a noisy toy when you’re horny as fuck. 

The Obii has three different vibration modes - it starts very gently for those who are extra sensitive, and increases in strength and intensity that will leave you breathless and feeling beyond satisfied. 

The toy is soft and squishy and is made from body safe silicone, is phthalates free with no BPAs.

In addition, the Obii’s curved and ribbed design allows you to further explore your pleasure. 


What’s really cool is that the Obii comes with a wireless charging stand that also acts as a mini night lamp that can help set the mood. It doesn’t appear to be a sex toy at first glance, so for those less comfortable with their toys, you can keep it discrete. 

The Obii easily helped me reach orgasm and experience a state of elevated pleasure. It’s easy to clean, charge, and use, and is great for play by yourself, as well as for play with a partner. 

I will definitely be incorporating the Obii into my regular sexual routine and highly recommend that you give it a try, as well.

Happy humping!


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