When I first received the OhMyG! lemme tell you, OhMyG!

Nov 17, 2022
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ave you ever been super horny and ready to use your toy,

and then you turn it on and it sounds like a freaking motor boat,

thus totally disrupting the moment? I have definitely been cock blocked by a noisy toy.

Well, welcome IOBA sex toys.


A company that was created on December, 2018, when husband and wife, Francesca and Martin, decided to tackle a classic problem in the sex toy industry - the noisiness of sex toys.

Frustrated by this problem, they embarked on a journey and decided to create a g-spot massager designed to make minimal noise. Now introducing the OhMyG

When I first received the OhMyG, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. Pretty, discrete, and tied with a bow, I opened it up to find a beautiful toy, elegantly designed with a smooth exterior, that was quiet as fuck. 

The pearl on the top does a fantastic job at both reaching and massaging the g-spot, with three different pulse settings. I was blown away after trying it for the first time. I was out of breath, satisfied, and wanting more.

The OhMyG allowed me to reach orgasm and experience pleasure in peace, with no fear of someone hearing the toy and walking in. How rare!! 

You won’t be disappointed! Use the discount code SMV45 and enjoy 45% on us!

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