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Dec 8, 2021
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Talya Feldman-Lloyd
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am working with Vush, a brand that is taking Instagram by storm and that is dedicated to breaking the stigma around female sexuality, promoting self-love, and women empowerment.

The toys I am reviewing is their new Pop Collection and oh my God.

Pop Bundle Collection (BUY NOW)

*she says as she huffs and puffs with beads of sweat dripping down her face from using the GLOSS BULLET VIBRATOR.*

Gloss Bullet Vibrator (BUY NOW)

I am really excited to share this toy with you, as it can help encourage and promote self-love, and enhance your overall wellness and sex lives. 

I am an incredibly sexual person. I always have been. Something that I have experienced is slut shaming and judgement around my openness and sexuality.

Well today, this ends, my people!

I am sharing Vush with you, a sexual wellness brand that wants you to love loving yourself. I tried both the Gloss Bullet Vibrator and the Plump Palm Vibrator.

Plump Palm Vibrator (BUY NOW)

I am truly hoping to help reduce the negative stigma around female sexuality by letting you know that it is totally natural to masturbate and to want to experience pleasure and orgasms. You are not alone.

Vush can help you embrace your sexuality and practice self-love. This is a 100 % waterproof fun sized bullet vibrator. It's designed with medical grade silicone with a magnetic USB charger. The Gloss is petite in size, blends in perfectly with any lippy in your kit. It’s perfect for those entering the self love game, or looking to add a new, more compact friend to their collection. It is incredibly quiet, which is super useful for those of us who live at home with the rents, or who have roommates, or kids.

This toy has 10 different vibration settings that vibe on your clit. The very first setting (the lowest) is gentle yet effective, so you can imagine how powerful the higher settings are.

I went up to setting five and found that anything beyond that point was too strong for me and made me want to scream from the intensity. It’s definitely a powerful toy.

This toy provides a great way to explore and experiment with what you like, while you’re safely in control of all aspects. Research show that’s 70% of women need direct clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm. (Mintz, 2012). This makes this toy perfectly suited to use with a partner, as well as on your own. 

Did you know that orgasms are associated with multiple health benefits? So, using The Gloss Vibrator not only gets you off and feels amazing, but it can also do the following: improve your level of self-love, enhance your quality of sleep, reduces risks of heart attacks and prostate cancer, strengthens your immune system, reduces feelings of depression, improves one's sex life, increases life span, and more. (Jacques, 2017).

This toy is incredible for both sex toy newbies and more experienced users. With 10 different settings, The Gloss Vibrator really allows you to customize your own, unique experience.

I highly encourage you to check out Vush's website, their mission, and the wide variety of products they carry.

If you want a safe bet, go with The Gloss Vibrator or Plum Plam Vibrator. You won’t be disappointed.



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