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Sep 10, 2020
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asturbating is one of my favourite past times. It’s a time for me to connect to myself and my body, to identify and fulfill my needs, and to relax and experience pleasure. 

Masturbating can be a very effective and important aspect of your self-care and self-love routine. 

I want to share some tips on how to have a pleasurable experience while masturbating, so here they are.

1. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to masturbate. Everyone likes different things. What gets you off might not work for someone else, and that’s totally fine.

2. Try to find a time and place where you know you will have privacy and won’t be interrupted. Worrying about people hearing you or walking in on you can totally ruin the mood.

3. Create an experience and don’t let getting off be your only focus. Try dimming the lights, playing sexy music, and lighting candles. Try to really enjoy the time that you’re spending with yourself. Let it be a time for self connection, exploration and empowerment. 

4. Try spicing it up with some toys like Clone-A-Willy. Toys can be a great way to enhance your masturbation routine. 

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5. Turn your phone off. Give yourself some time away from distractions and your daily responsibilities by turning off your damn phone. 

Why we love this sex toy by Clone-a-willy. It’s not only fun but such a creative way to bring your sex life to another level. Sex is a very important part of wellness and self-care. We believe brands like Clone-a-willy have designed an approachable, humorous, and relatable way to create space for sex and self-love in the world.

While molding body parts, especially intimate ones is a new concept too many people, we feel very lucky to share their product with you. Clone-a-willy allows for self-care and self acceptance to go hand-in-hand, but also provide an opportunity for a bigger conversation about our bodies and learning to love ourselves exactly how we are (uniquely gorgeous).


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